On my walk this morning, I stopped just after the bridge. The sun was still low in the sky. The light through the leaves was dappled, shining through some leaves and in between others. It’s the through that got to me. Revealing the true beauty within each leaf, each frayed piece of birch bark. Leaves are green, but they aren’t. They are so many shades within different types and so many shades within each type. Reminds me of my favourite crayola crayon, the green/yellow and in second place the yellow/green. I stood there, breathed deep and realized I felt peace. And it was profound. Because I have been anguished these past few years, and desperate, and depressed. Somehow I have risen above it and can finally look up and through. And see the things beyond the surface that I just couldn’t see for the longest time. I feel hope. This is September for me.