It’s a word everyone hears on a daily basis. Be mindful. It is increasingly difficult to still our minds amidst the constant bombardment of information and daily stressors. When the kids started public school in September, I started a daily routine. Walk the dog. Twice a day, three if time allows. It isn’t a long walk, about 10 minutes, 1500 steps. I take the same route, varying slightly, walking longer, if the weather is really nice. I take pictures. This little change in my life, this constant routine everyday, is allowing me to notice things, to become more mindful.

I look up and through and it makes my heart glad.

October leaves

I look deep and contemplate.

Dogberry leaves changing, caught in the morning sunlight.

I look within, to the tiny details I had been missing.

Slight frost remaining, giving off a beautiful scent, reminding me of childhood days playing in the woods.

It is helping. I feel more aware of constant change happening around me, yet more at peace with it. I look forward to these walks, especially the first one of the day. The light has the power to change everything, to change me. I remember to breathe.

the leader