I walk along this path two or three times a day and most of the time I am given a present. It reminds me to be present. This other world view within my present view. It’s a puddle, but it is more, a mirror, a window, another time and space. Life is complicated and joy is elusive. What if I could step into that reflection, into that more perfectly defined world, into that blue sky that is more easily reached than the one above me. That’s what is remarkable, just how close the sky is to me in that moment. Today, the window has closed and all that remains is a water stain, a remembrance of opportunity passed by.

This is the morning light today. I woke early, tired and drained from a vicious nightmare. I keep looking for hope. everything this morning was touched with frost in the shadows and warmed with golden light. I don’t know what to do anymore. I am lost and floating and seek grounding. I constantly try to find my place in this world and help my family find theirs as well.