First Day of School

Two days ago, I was so high on life. All the way up. Yesterday I crashed to a very low, low. Today, I feel more balanced, in between. I would love for that high to last every day. The things I could achieve! But the crash negates it as I wasn’t able to accomplish much of anything yesterday. Why do we feel this driven need to accomplish, make change, take effect on the world around us. Or is that just me?

My daughter is at school, Junior High and I am worried, anxious and happy, peaceful all at the same time. What a wash of emotions or is it hormones! But the one thing I do not feel this year, won’t even allow myself to go down that road, is guilty. I have hushed all the voices in my life and in my head until I could think clearly. The result is that Molly is in public school and our homeschool journey is at the very least on pause for the year. Maybe I won’t hit play again. And that is okay. But whatever she needs, whatever I need to move through this very challenging thing called life, we will do together and make decisions that work best for our family, regardless of the incessant chatter of everyone outside the walls of our home.