One thing we cannot control is the weather, however we can control how we perceive it, accept it, enjoy it. This is a very blustery and cold morning. But the sun peeks out, we can see glimpses of deep September blue in between the massive billowing clouds. The wind surges and drops, swirls leaves up and then disregards them. There are moments of stillness.

I wore my winter coat on top of layers, I do not like to be cold. My purple wool hat, my hair in a messy ponytail. My daughters bus didn’t show up this morning, so my plans for the first hours of the day were disrupted. We were in a holding pattern, waiting for something that never showed up, never happened and it cost us time and peace. We took action instead. Hauled on clothes instead of pajama pants, she donned an extra hoodie, decisions we were thankful for as once we arrived at her school the doors were locked. We stood outside, shivering, waiting again for something we didn’t know would happen. Finally, someone answered the phone, someone unlocked the door, profuse apologies that didn’t warm our cold bodies.

Days like this can prepare us for the unexpected. The last paragraph I wrote was deleted. I thought I had written something profound. Maybe it wasn’t. Maybe no one is ready to hear what I had to say. Maybe I am not. I cannot remember what it was, even though I penned it not five minutes ago. This is a day of unexpected changes. It is in the air and in my heart.

Change can be beautiful